A Novice Crystal Wearer Opens Up



Today I heard one of my favorite way back in the day (1968) songs “Crystal Blue Persuasion,’ by Tommy James and The Shondells.   I love this song, and the dreamy, harmonious lyrics, especially the fourth verse:

So don’t you give up now…                                                                                                               So easy to find,                                                                                                                                  Just look to your soul                                                                                                                          And open your mind

The song reminded me of the reason I started wearing crystals. As a novice wearer, I won’t be able to share a lot about what they are or exactly what they’re supposed to do. My sharing is about my reasons for wearing them and the outcome achieved.

If you ask different people about wearing crystals, you’ll probably get different answers. But the gist of it is that there is a belief that various stones have healing energies that align with imbalances in one of the seven chakras, or the spiritual energy centers.  According to the Chopra Center, when these energy centers are misaligned, or blocked, energy becomes stagnant and can manifest as physical illness or throw you off emotionally.

My reason for delving into the Crystal world was a result of the negative feelings I possessed about my job as a teacher. These emotions were caused after returning from an injury sustained when a male student sprinted into me at school. The injury resulted in my being out of commission and in Physical Therapy.

After three months of land and water Physical Therapy, my doctor cleared me to return to school on apart-time basis, with restrictions because I was still in PT for my back. The first few days back at school were easy because as a Special Education Resource Teacher I had plenty of paper work to catch up on. The anxiety and dread arose when I began to circulate and maneuver the hallways. I felt intimidated by the vast number of rambunctious students as I moved from class to class.

With more than twenty years teaching,  I’d never been frightened of students, but after the incident and the pain experienced from the accident; I found myself being overly cautious, cuddling the wall and it was then that I realized that I was afraid, and didn’t want to be around them. On a visit to my general practitioner, I shared my concerns.   She suggested therapy and/or medication to help alleviate my fears. I kindly told her that I didn’t think that therapy would abate my feeling of not wanting to be at the school; and that medication was definitely out of the question.

It was during a conversation or rather a venting session with a young eclectic, yogi friend/co-worker who suggested I try crystals. She explained the general premise and suggested that I do further research. So, faced with a whole three months to withstand my feelings, I convinced myself that I had nothing to lose by trying crystals.

I visited a metaphysical, New Age shop. and shared my situation with the proprietor. She explained various crystals and their properties, and suggested Clear Quartz which, according to her, “opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, and acts as a conduit for healing—allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body while pushing negative, toxic energy out.”

positive crystals

Lord knows I was harboring negative energy, so I purchased two Clear Quartz stones, which amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it, and may accelerate the fulfillment of one’s prayers, or hold a pattern of energy long enough and strongly enough for the materialization of a goal.

Actually, I purchased two clear quartz; one on a small silver chain and another on a longer black cord which I started wearing the very next day. Whenever I felt anxious or discontent I’d gently massage the crystal, take a deep breath and recite, “This too shall pass, I can do this.”

My Quartz’s have become a stable accessory, and I wear one or the other every day. I believe that the Quartz’s and mantra were my Crystal Blue Persuasion, which helped me to search my soul and open my mind in order to achieve my goal to finish the school year safe, strong and in control of my emotions and fears.   And they continue to aid me as I continue to live my life fearlessly.




Did you know…2019 is The “Year Of The Vegan?”

th-6According to “The World in 2019”, a special edition magazine from Forbes magazine, 2019 has been declared the “year of the Vegan”. According to the article, the interest in Veganism is rising, with a quarter of 25- to 34-year-old Americans declaring to be vegans or vegetarians.”

Well, good for them I say, but the shift to vegan/vegetarian is a life style that many older adults are also embracing. Personally, I’m very happy to hear this since I’ve been working very hard to embrace a more plant based diet

My reasons for becoming a vegetarian are for the multiple health benefits: reduce the risk of diseases, maintain weight, slow down the aging process and live longer. It also makes economic sense. Of course, others may have varying reasons to adapt the lifestyle.

The transition from carnivore to meatless can be a gradual process, and there are many ways for people to embrace a vegetarian life style. The truth is people who follow a vegetarian dietary style can eat everything they want. The difference is that people who identify as vegetarians choose not to eat certain things.

I’ve tried lacto-ovo-vegetarianism. I did not eat beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, or animal flesh, but did eat eggs and dairy products and of course all of the vegetables and fruit that I craved. Lacto-ovo vegetarians are the most common kind of vegetarian.

Currently, I’m currently a pescatarian which is eating fish and other seafood.  This is becoming a more popular form of vegetarianism and a stepping-stone to a fully vegetarian diet.   My diet consists of mainly vegetables, grains, fruit, and nuts.

You don’t have to be vegetarian to love vegetarian food. The term “flexitarian” describes a person who is a semi-vegetarians or who eats a mostly vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat.

Another form is Vegans, people who do not eat meat products of any kind including eggs, dairy products, or processed foods containing those or other animal-derived ingredients.

You may ask yourself why go vegetarian. When provided with an opportunity to live a healthier life… my question is why not?

img_0829                                                                                                                        My New Years Eve meal of Curried Vegetarian Black-Eye Pea , sweet potato and cornbread.

To Meet or to Meet up?

meetup-logo-script-1200x630Prior to my retirement, I was an educator.   Those who don’t teach cannot imagine the amount of meetings teachers may attend in a day. For example, in the last two years of my employment, my school held daily meetings. We met for team meetings; collaborative planning meetings, department meetings, parent/teacher meetings, Data Analysis meetings, IEP Meetings, committee meetings, and the list goes on.

Always a source of contention for me, I acquiesced and attended them, especially since they were in my contract.   I must say that there were times when the information delivered during the daily 45 minute to an hour meetings was beneficial. However, what I enjoyed was the camaraderie and interaction with my fellow co-workers. For the most part, we were a school “family.” We shared “ah, ha” moments, quizzical expressions when something stated during the meeting made no sense, and after the meeting “what was that” discussions.

It took me a few weeks into retirement to realize that I really missed the meetings.   Actually, what I missed was the relationships fostered, and connection to my former co-workers/friends, many that I’d worked with for more than 8 years. While happy in retirement, I had a feeling of disconnect!

Not having the daily connection compelled me to investigate ways to fill the void, toreplicate, or reconnect to a group of people in some form or fashion. Realizing that there were probably women with the same or similar desire, Living Our Best Lives Meet up Group was created for drama free, 50+ females who want to continue to bloom where we’re planted was formed on January 3. To date there are 50 members, with a wait list.

#Livingmybestlife#focusonpurpose  th-5

Thrift Shop Connoisseur Haul of the Week

I love fashion, and finding designer/brand name items at below discount prices. My weekly trip to my favorite thrift store has netted me designer vintage bags, beautiful cashmere sweaters and scarves, designer shoes and boots for scant dollars.

As a ’seasoned” thrift shopper, my closet runneth over, and I can’t keep all the goodies to myself, or at least that’s what I have to convince myself from time to time. To this end, I’ve been able to let go of some of my finds, and I’ve been able to turn my addiction to finding excellent bargains into a venture that provides extra income. https://poshmark.com/closet/bzriley

This past week’s thrifting was exceptionally good. I found a pair of Jimmy Choo Youth Suede Biker Boots regularly priced at $995 for $22, and a Jay Herbert Black quilted suede leather chain should bag c1980 for $12 which retails at $295.

Now the dilemma…do I keep them or sell them?



Helping Students Develop a Growth Mindset



My business, Intervention Tutors evaluates each child and tailors a program to help them with their educational needs. We offer personalized educational services in Reading Comprehension, Foundational Reading Skills, Reading Assessments, and Writing and Language Arts for students in grades K through 8.

In addition, we offer educational coaching to support students with skills, tools and strategies to use throughout their academic career and beyond.

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/Educator.org/


The view from my bed!

When I moved into my new house five years ago, one of my first purchases was a decal of my favorite inspirational quote “Nothing Can Dim the Light that Shines from Within,” by Maya Angelou.

Upon receipt, I placed it in my bedroom, and it’s the first thing that I see upon awakening.

The quote is the mantra that I strive to live by. To me, the quote means to remain centered, focused and determined to assure that my inner flame remains brightly lit. The light to me is a metaphor for motivation. It is a constant reminder that I must nurture it both internally and externally, and fuel it with clean eating, positive thoughts, actions and deeds. Properly cared for, my inner light doses not allow people, conditions, or circumstances to extinguish the intensity and glow from within.


Ok, I’m retired – so what now?

It’s been 7 months since I’ve been liberated!   I’m still in the honeymoon phase which some say can last from several months to a year. Rather than say I’m retired, I choose to say that I’ve retooled, rebooted, reimagined and reinvented my purpose and myself. From the moment I signed my release from full time employment, I didn’t see myself in a state of retirement. Free from planning lessons, grading papers, attending boring staff meetings, I envisioned myself as embarking on something different that would allow me to explore unexamined areas.  My departure from daily work does not afford me lazy days of sleeping late, or sitting around reading all day; but it does free up time for me to experience new activities that make me happier. My liberation from a 9-5, affords me time to do what interests and excites me on my own terms…like blogging for one.



View of retirement from the other side

Repurposed Life on Purpose Blog is intended to share my experience of a life well lived. To demonstrate to my audience, through my undertakings, that life and purpose doesn’t stop at retirement. To emphasize that life’s pursuits, viewed through an entirely new and/or different lens can be even more rewarding after a career or job.retirement-a-time-to-enjoy