“Oh, The Places Friends Will Go!”

The roses were from one of my closest and longtime friends, Arlene (Mimi), who was one of my travel companions to London and Paris. Our friendship has been unwavering from the moment we met. We’ve been through marriages, relocations, illness, separation, and loss of family members. We’re friends because of our mutual respect, interest in one another’s experiences and thoughts, as well as a sense of connection.


Years ago, we traveled to the Bahamas and Bermuda. For years after, in each ensuing telephone conversation, we spoke about the need to plan a trip abroad. So, when I decided to take the journey to London, Arlene was the first person I called, and without hesitation, she was ready to go, and so we did!

Friendships can be more challenging as we grow older, and quality friendships are essential to our general happiness. It has been proven that people with good friends often feel happier and are less stressed. The presence of strong bonds may foster overall health and happiness… more than even family involvement and support!

Arlene and I have a quality friendship that is sustained because we take the time to share and develop new memories together, not just reminisce about the past. We continue to have fun … laugh at each other’s jokes and folly’s and enjoy life together.” Arlene’s note read, ” world travelers for life.” I say that we are lifelong friends, and “Oh, the Places We Will Go!


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