Being Social Makes Me Happy!


I don’t remember being this busy and social in August when I was working.  It’s only twelve days into the month, and I’ve attended five Meetup group activities (music concerts, a White Party, and Line Dance Classes); a family reunion, and a Day Party. I’ve caught up, over brunch, lunch or happy hour with friends and former co-workers.    My calendar for the remainder of the month is pretty busy also, as in a few days I’ll be attending a Happy Hour Retirement Reception with my previous school district (I’m pretty sure they’re hosting this event to recruit subs ;-), there’s my Go on Girl Book Club Meeting, and a Wine Down Wednesday Reception before I leave for a destination wedding in Montego Bay at the end of the month.

Having a social life makes me happy!   According to studies, social interaction decreases the risk of heart disease and helps to prevent cognitive decline and dementia.  Through my Meetup, I’ve developed new friendships and discovered new interests; and I also am able to nurture existing relationships.  

No complaints about retirement from me, and the fact that September is drawing near, and I’m not experiencing the dread of returning to the classroom is exhilarating!





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