Loving It…Retirement that is!

It’s been slightly over a year since I retired, and I love love, love it! So far, it has been more than I could have imagined. I’d initially thought that my days would be amiss without the mechanics of work. Getting up early, rushing to arrive on time for hall duty to usher rambunctious students into the school; then off to attend boring morning meetings, while preparing to co-teach, and completing required Special Education paperwork. All of this before beginning my whirlwind day maneuvering through teen strewn hallways to co-teach with three teachers with very dissimilar personalities.
Fortunately, it took me very little time to quickly maneuver my way to retirement happiness, adapt to a more relaxed lifestyle, and explore new pursuits. This was not achieved because of extensive travel, but more so because now I can do whatever, go whenever, and however, I please. I take long, scenic, morning walks, and have even taken up a bit of gardening (growing my own heirloom tomatoes and kale for my morning smoothies 😉

Initially, I’d planned to return to education as a substitute teacher a few months after the school year reconvened in September. Mainly because I thought I’d become bored sitting at home; and subbing would help maintain my connection to teachers and students; as well as to fulfill my desire to teach. However, to my pleasure and surprise, my tutorial business immediately picked up, and I was busy tutoring under my terms not from a county mandated script.  I’s refreshing to plan lessons that are interesting and creative, with the ability to teach to a students needs, not to a test.   Suffice it to say, my substitute card may be revoked due to inactivity.

I’m more involved now than I was while working, my volunteer activities with several organizations afford me a opportunity  to interact with people, contribute to causes and remain productive. And the time spent finding and coordinating events for the 72 members in “Living Our Best Life” Meetup ( for women of a certain age) that I started in January, is also very fulfilling. I’ve rekindled my love for writing and now write regularly. In addition to my blog, I maintain a Facebook page to provide educational support to parents and teachers, as well as promote my tutoring business. I am also  co-authoring the I AM ME Anthology: Mastering Excellence in life, business & careers with a group of online writers.

In retirement, I spend valued, quality time with family and friends. I’ve found new pursuits, made new friends, and have nearly as much social interaction as I did while working.    In essence, I find that in retirement, I experience more joy, contentment, fun, and laughter. And most importantly, I’ve discovered MY OWN rhythm for my new, relaxed,  retired lifestyle.

**Whether working or retired, what are some things that enhance your lifestyle?

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