It’s June…and School is Out


June, the sixth month of the year is tied with December as the third favorite month.  Personally, I love June because it’s my birth month!  And there is so much to look forward to in June;  beautiful bouquets, ripe delicious fruits and vegetables, and the overwhelming urge to get out there and enjoy the sunshine.  It’s also a favorite for teachers and students, maybe not so much for parents as it means the end of the school year.

Teaching is not easy, and from the time it begins, it’s full speed ahead in warp speed till the time it ends.  Things rarely slow down!   As a retired teacher, I know firsthand the anxiety that builds around this time of year.  Everyone from the students, teachers, administrators, and even school custodians are more than ready for the end of school and the beginning of summer break. 

Teachers are known for counting down the days to the end of school,  and many begin immediately after Spring Break.  For most, the ‘official’ countdown starts after Memorial Day, when boxes and storage containers begin to flood classrooms.   Posters and student’s classwork mysteriously disappears from classroom bulletin boards, and classroom management skills become paramount as students have pretty much tapped out at this point.

It always seemed that things were even more hectic at the end of the year,  In addition to continuing to teach and manage students, there is required paperwork to close out the year, equipment return, submission of final grades, special activities, and trips for students, in addition to attending meetings to prepare for the coming year.  As the school year draws to an end, the stress level can go “sky high.”

Admittedly, I must confess that while I missed my co-workers, I did not miss the school year, and especially the closeout process.  This Friday is the last day of school for my former colleagues, and I wish them along with all other educators an enjoyable remainder of June and a great summer!


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