Catch up with your Mind!


Spring is an excellent time to catch up with your mind. How does one catch up with their mind you may ask? Doing less, and making a conscious effort to unplug for a few minutes a day can help to accomplish this. Studies show that unplugging can help you get more done—and do it better.  Some ways to unplug are to:

Change your thoughts – A shift in your thinking can make a dramatic difference in life. Most of us tend to experience more negative thoughts and criticisms than positive thoughts.  Often times things pop into our minds that we don’t have to listen to or believe.

Dismiss what you don’t want to think about by being more attentive to your thoughts. Make your mind a kind and uplifting place to hang out by thinking more positive things about you, about others, about your life. Practice — it works!

Connect with a friend – Catch up, laugh, express, share and ultimately interacting with others can do wonders to reduce stress and improve our outlook.  Good social connections raise our happiness levels.

Write it down – Journaling can help clear the clutter in your mind. Grab a journal and vent. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make a daily gratitude list. Notice the awesome stuff about your life — from the minors to the majors.
  • Make an irritation list.  Realizing what ticks you off can help eliminate some of the things that irritate you.                                                                                                                                   images-1.png

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