Fly, Hip and Ageless

We are what we believe

There’s something about that slogan “Fly, Hip and Ageless”that struck a responsive cord with me. Fly, Hip and Ageless is defined as “a state of mind with no age limits,” that state of mind in my opinion is maturity, and some points about life which should become crystal clear with age.

True maturity and state of mind affords us with a positive, optimistic, courageous outlook, which in turn helps us to adapt and cope to life’s changes by focusing on what’s important instead of the trivial. At this point in life, inconsequential situations don’t deserve attention.

Ageless people have influence over whether we let things knock us down.   Maturity fosters the ability to see possibility instead of problems. Be realistic, tackle small things and focus on the things that will make the most difference.  As Debbie Hampton shares, “put the big rocks in the bucket first.”  In other words leave the pebbles where they are.

Life is precious and aging itself can be an avenue for rich new experiences, offer a way to renew passions and reinvent oneself. “We are what we believe we are,” and at any age, people can become open to new possibilities and add richness to life.  

YES, I bought the T-shirt!!!





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