Find Your Flow!


Three facts that I’ve rediscovered about myself since retirement are that:

#1 I must be busy and involved

#2 Activities and endeavors have to be purposeful and meaningful to me

#3 I’m an entrepreneur at heart

With time on hand, I’ve finally discovered my flow!! Which in positive psychology, is described as being in the mental state of operation in which a person performs an activity fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Currently, I have several streams of energized focus: blogging, coordinating a Meet up Group, and building my tutoring and resell businesses. I’ve found things to fulfill my desire to be busy, a platform to organize and share purposeful activities for women, and lastly an additional stream of income from my two businesses.

The key to finding your flow, in my opinion is finding:

*things that interest you…

*something you LOVE…

*something you believe in                                              

*something that you have faith in…

*something that you have personal experiences and professional knowledge.

Stay tuned as I share what invigorates me and keeps me flowing 😉


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