To Meet or to Meet up?

meetup-logo-script-1200x630Prior to my retirement, I was an educator.   Those who don’t teach cannot imagine the amount of meetings teachers may attend in a day. For example, in the last two years of my employment, my school held daily meetings. We met for team meetings; collaborative planning meetings, department meetings, parent/teacher meetings, Data Analysis meetings, IEP Meetings, committee meetings, and the list goes on.

Always a source of contention for me, I acquiesced and attended them, especially since they were in my contract.   I must say that there were times when the information delivered during the daily 45 minute to an hour meetings was beneficial. However, what I enjoyed was the camaraderie and interaction with my fellow co-workers. For the most part, we were a school “family.” We shared “ah, ha” moments, quizzical expressions when something stated during the meeting made no sense, and after the meeting “what was that” discussions.

It took me a few weeks into retirement to realize that I really missed the meetings.   Actually, what I missed was the relationships fostered, and connection to my former co-workers/friends, many that I’d worked with for more than 8 years. While happy in retirement, I had a feeling of disconnect!

Not having the daily connection compelled me to investigate ways to fill the void, toreplicate, or reconnect to a group of people in some form or fashion. Realizing that there were probably women with the same or similar desire, Living Our Best Lives Meet up Group was created for drama free, 50+ females who want to continue to bloom where we’re planted was formed on January 3. To date there are 50 members, with a wait list.

#Livingmybestlife#focusonpurpose  th-5

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