Thrift Shop Connoisseur Haul of the Week

I love fashion, and finding designer/brand name items at below discount prices. My weekly trip to my favorite thrift store has netted me designer vintage bags, beautiful cashmere sweaters and scarves, designer shoes and boots for scant dollars.

As a ’seasoned” thrift shopper, my closet runneth over, and I can’t keep all the goodies to myself, or at least that’s what I have to convince myself from time to time. To this end, I’ve been able to let go of some of my finds, and I’ve been able to turn my addiction to finding excellent bargains into a venture that provides extra income.

This past week’s thrifting was exceptionally good. I found a pair of Jimmy Choo Youth Suede Biker Boots regularly priced at $995 for $22, and a Jay Herbert Black quilted suede leather chain should bag c1980 for $12 which retails at $295.

Now the dilemma…do I keep them or sell them?



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