Ok, I’m retired – so what now?

It’s been 7 months since I’ve been liberated!   I’m still in the honeymoon phase which some say can last from several months to a year. Rather than say I’m retired, I choose to say that I’ve retooled, rebooted, reimagined and reinvented my purpose and myself. From the moment I signed my release from full time employment, I didn’t see myself in a state of retirement. Free from planning lessons, grading papers, attending boring staff meetings, I envisioned myself as embarking on something different that would allow me to explore unexamined areas.  My departure from daily work does not afford me lazy days of sleeping late, or sitting around reading all day; but it does free up time for me to experience new activities that make me happier. My liberation from a 9-5, affords me time to do what interests and excites me on my own terms…like blogging for one.



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